Hear it from our riders and their loved ones.


Logan’s Story

Thank you so much, Discovery Riders, for the great opportunity for my son, Logan. You have made it possible for him to share his heart with the most amazing horses. I have seen such a change in him that makes my heart proud. He reacts to Miss Sarah’s teachings in a way that he doesn’t to anyone else. She is awesome! This program helps so many and most who wouldn’t be able to afford it.

Thank you, we love you all.


Lauren's Story.


Hi! My name is Lauren.  I was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome at the age of 3.  Although I think I am normal, many people think I have issues that need worked on, such as socializing, self-confidence, and eye contact.  There are very few places that we have found that were fun and worked on the skills I need.  We decided riding horses would be fun and my mom heard it was good for your balance and coordination. Well that is when we discovered Discovery Riders.  It is a program for kids with socialization problems, kids who don’t have a lot of confidence or maybe having problems in other areas.  Well we went to check it out, and we were a little too late for that session, but we found out they had a volunteer program. I could go and do things like groom the mini horses, clean saddles, and feed the horses or just help around the barn.  

I have learned a lot about horses.  In August I started riding, I got to ride the biggest horse they had.  His name is Rocky.  Rocky and I learned how to turn barrels and weave poles. We mostly walked, but we trotted some too, which is a little faster than walking. I met a new friend there. Her name is Kelly. She is in my class and she really LOVES horses.  The director’s name is Linda and my trainers name is Amy, she helps Linda run the stables, they are very nice and they teach me a lot.  They have a 4-H group that the kids that go there can participate in. I am looking forward to joining when I get good enough.  At the end of each six week session we do a presentation to show everyone what we have learned. This is going to be my first one and it is going to be a lot of fun. I really like Discovery Riders and all the people there.  I am glad that we found Discovery Riders.


-Lauren, Current Rider


Davin's Story


I want to express my gratitude towards you, Discovery Riders, the volunteers, and more importantly, Ms. Tammy, Ms. Sara, Ms. Lynn, and Ms. Monica.

Although we've been going to Discovery Riders for years, last night's session left me almost speechless. It literally brought tears of happiness to our eyes (mine and Avery's Mother's).  In a world that we live in today it's not often we get happy tears so I felt compelled to acknowledge last night's session and to send my sincerest gratitude. 

This year has been an emotional roller coaster thus far.  Between raising a teenage son, dealing with the complexity of Davin, and balancing the life of a pre-teen daughter it's been mentally and physically exhausting to say the least. Last nights's session was just what I needed. I was able to relax and enjoy the moment without any worries.

I watched as Davin had the time of her life, accomplishing goals she's desired since she's been 8 years old. Watching Davin smile from ear to ear, and possessing the confidence she has so desperately been lacking meant the world to me as her Mother. I was so proud of her and overwhelmed with joy. In that instance I didn't have to worry if someone was mistreating her, hurting her feelings, taunting or being cruel to her. In that instance I didn't have to worry if she would reach another low, or if she would cry herself to sleep another night; all of which are things I worry about on a continuous basis.  Last night I was granted my serenity and I can't thank Ms. Tammy, Ms. Monica, Ms. Sara, and Ms. Lynn enough!

The devotion and kindhearted spirits of the volunteers is truly amazing. Thank you for allowing us to be apart of this awesome program.

-Amy, Current Rider's Mother


Mina's Story


Laura and I wanted to thank you for allowing Mina to participate in 4-H this year.

 We put Mina into 4-H with the hope that it would be a confidence booster for her. Our expectations were met 100%. She has been talking about the fair non-stop and the best part is she is talking about next year.

As you know, Mina is very shy and has a ton of anxiety about performing, public speaking, etc. We believe that 4-H was a big boost for her in regards to her anxiety. So again, thank you.

In a larger sense, what you are doing in general is a great thing. For so many of those kids their involvement with Discovery Riders has to be one of the best things in their lives. These kids are getting opportunities to grow, have success, and learn responsibility in a way that will always be with them. Like anything, I am sure what you are doing has many days where it is very frustrating for you and your staff. Hopefully those frustrations are overridden by the impact that you must know you are having on these kids.

Thank you again. Please never hesitate to tell us how we can provide support.


-Steve, Current Rider's Father


Austin's Story

I am writing this in regards to the Discovery Riders. I would like for you all to know how much the Discovery Riders has helped my grandson/son. Last year we adopted Austin and if it weren't for the Discovery Riders and the help of people like yourselves and Linda and all the people who take time out of their lives to help these kids, Austin would still be in a shell. Let me explain, Austin was born in 2001 at 10 months of age he lost his Uncle who he loved dearly not only that but Austin's parents have really not wanted anything to do with him and to top it all we were told he was ADHD, and he was  hyperactive and with depression, Austin was not able to learn like other kids his age. 

His counselor's  that he goes too told us about Discovery Rider we signed Austin up and he has come a very long way since. If we were not able to get help from donations he would not be able to be in it for we are on a limited income because of my husband’s heart problems. Austin has found that horses understand him and he (as he says it) now has a best friend, his horse RoxStar he says knows when he is heaving bad days and he helps him cope.    

 Austin's grades have improved his knowledge of things has also improved because of the Discovery Riders they take the time to listen to parents and the kids alike to see what help they need. Without this Great  organization all these kids would not do good at all. We have met a great deal of people whose kids are going through things similar and I have watched over the past 6 years these kids grow. I have watched Austin turn into a young person who now has goals in his life. These people have given him a purpose in life now and he has learned that not all people are the same he has learned to trust of which he had trouble doing because of his situation. He won his first trophy this year at the fair because of the dedication of all these people who care about these kids. I and Austin would like to Thank you all for you support in the Discovery Riders and I am sure all the other children and their parent also. 


-Mary Ann, Current Rider's Grandmother/Guardian


"Mark slept with the trophy he received at the horse show."




"Kelly is more outgoing and actually initiates conversations with others."




"Brandi has achieved things we never thought possible by showing at the fair and getting first place in her class."




"Claude only speaks at Discovery Riders to his horse, Prince."


"Dustin would never talk, but after starting at Discovery Riders he started talking about this horse opening him up to talk about other things going on with him. "It's so good to see him smile."

"It's so good to see him smile."

"Dustin would never talk, but after starting at Discovery Riders he started talking about this horse opening him up to talk about other things going on with him. "


"Tiffany loves her time at Discovery Riders and seems to be at peace while working with the horses."

"Discovery Riders gave Austin an activity that got him away from only playing video games. It gives him a way of being active while learning how to care for a horse and ride."