On The Horizon


Discovery Riders is currently developing a list of programs we will offer in the near future. Take a look at what is to come!


A day of discovery!

Equine Assisted Activity Field Trips.  The program includes ground and classroom activities and/or riding instruction.  There are many skills grasped from a horse. First, they learn basic horse safety, care, and tack. When students come in contact with a horse, they learn how amazing they are! There are many skills learned in just one day plus a lot of fun had by all!

Maximum of eight students in a group for riding activities.


Beginner Boots

Summer Camp program that well help develop important skills such as confidence  that will help the rider in their daily life. 


Say "Hay" to writing

Strives to promote adolescent literacy, fluency, and confidence by reading or writing with miniature horses.  This Equine Assisted Activity is facilitated by both a PATH instructor and an additional educational professional.  Located at the Public Libraries, schools and community rooms within Logan and surrounding counties. 


Services for Soldiers

This program includes ground activities and riding instruction for veterans, under the direction of one of our certified PATH International instructors. We are grateful for their service to our country and are pleased to offer this program for them!  During their visit, the veterans learn how to communicate with a horse on the ground and in a saddle. There is a maximum of eight veterans in a riding activity group.


Say "whoa" with a little magic

Engagement and motivation are the key to learning.  The anti-bullying program utilizes our mini horse to talk about the development of positive social interaction among children and their peers. Program targets 4th grade students in Logan and surrounding counties.

Program Goals:

Students will:

1. Develop a class contract with at least 6 expectations to follow

2. Develop a sense of community within the classroom

3. Promote positive social interaction with an acceptance of someone with differences

4. Develop awareness of the identification of the victim, bully and bystander

5.  Understand the difference between tattling and telling

6. Understand and exhibit bystander strategies

7. Understand the difference between bullying and conflict

8. Understand least 3 things that make the world a better place

9. Be able to identify 3 ways not to be a victim

10. Understand the recourse if someone is bullied – what should they do?

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Silver Saddles

The Silver Saddles is an active older adults program that will provide a greater understanding of horses.  Senior adults can improve both balance and flexibility as a result from being a part of the equine assisted program.  Not only can adults improve their physical well-being, but they will also begin developing relationships socially and a sense of renewed purpose within their daily lives.